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cleaning house! I’ve been busy moving my blog into a little fancier digs. Would love it if you’d join me in the new space: http://www.lightfantastik.com/blog. See you there! Sarah 10/03/09 0
{six reasons why today mattered to me} 1. Because it was his first day of school. 2. Because this may be the funniest picture I’ve taken yet. 3. Because we celebrated afterward with hot chocolate, while I tried not to see into the too near future when it would really be coffee in that cup. 4. Because… Sarah 09/09/09 1 09/10/09
{swoon} {double swoon} Sarah 08/20/09 2 08/22/09
Happy Sunday Sarah 08/16/09 1 08/21/09
hush… there is a house, a napping house, where everyone is sleeping… or about to be sleeping anyway… except, maybe, for the mama, who will spend the quiet tinkering with light and shutter speeds, occasionally licking her fingertips dipped in the peanut butter jar… Sarah 08/07/09 1 08/08/09
ONE First there were the balloons: And of course, there were the brothers… (one of whom is trying mightily to go it on his own two feets)… There was the cake and the candle with a little help in the wind blowing department from Jack… and the eager consumption of said… Sarah 08/03/09 4 10/03/09
creature comforts Jack is four now. I’m lately into the practice of watching him when he doesn’t know I’m looking. His little lips twisted in concentration over some epic battle amongst action figures; he hums way off tune, creating the soundtrack for whatever his “guys” are doing. He’s into rather heavy play… Sarah 07/17/09 1 07/18/09
Nicki and Brandon My dear friends, Nicki and Brandon, were married in Denver in early June. Nicki is hands-down the most creative and talented little lady I know. She and Brandon had taken it upon themselves to create every aspect of their celebration, from invitations to place settings to hair pins to vows.… Sarah 07/14/09 3 07/23/09
Arlo is Chompable He tastes just as good as he looks. (by the way, we’re back on the blog! grab a cup of hot coffee and pull up a chair. so many stories to tell you. let’s begin again, shall we?) Sarah 05/20/09 1 07/06/09
They make me feel like spring is just around the corner. Sarah 02/24/09 5 03/01/09
Andy and Arlo Sarah 01/20/09 8 02/16/09
a plea to the god of small things The baby album was filled with little slips of paper, upon which were scrawled the littlest and biggest of details about Jack’s infancy. So many times (and against my natural inclinations for such tasks), I would carefully jot down the most minute occasions and happenstances of his first year with… Sarah 01/11/09 4 01/14/09
Resolving (or is it “Resoluting”?): Part 1 I will forgive myself more often. I will knit a scarf to match my new winter coat. I will finish it before spring. See above if I don’t. I will throw away underwear that I don’t wear anymore (why is this so hard to do?) and all socks that have… Sarah 01/08/09 2 01/12/09
Dear Santa, Can I have a ship? I want my own chapstick. A pop-up ball machine. My own big baseball team that has hockey players. I would like a pop-up popcorn machine. And my own sunscreen. Love, Jack P.S. Arlo wants a pacifier. Or a mobile. He needs a new thermometer for… Sarah 12/18/08 6 01/09/09
Thank you! To everyone who was able to donate so generously to our fundraiser, we can’t tell you how grateful we are. We love you! The walk was a complete success, and we were able to raise so much more money than we had even set out to do! It felt wonderful… Sarah 11/11/08 6 12/22/08
Autism Drive Dear family and friends, It’s been so long since I’ve sat down to write anything substantial and I’m sorry to say that this won’t be the lengthy update I’m planning on either. Instead, I want to interrupt our regular broadcast and ask for your money. The fam and I will… Sarah 10/27/08 3 12/22/08
YUM. Sarah 10/23/08 3 12/22/08
these are the days that you’ll remember Sarah 10/13/08 7 10/21/08
he = love Sarah 10/07/08 1 10/09/08
Eye Candy Sarah 09/22/08 9 10/29/08
This one’s for my dad It’s not hard to see why he loves her so much. Sarah 09/19/08 2 09/20/08
essence Sarah 09/17/08 1 09/18/08
sweetness and light Sarah 09/14/08 3 09/22/08
Eviction Notice Self portrait at 40 weeks 3 days pregnant: Overdue, overdone, overit. Pregnancy glow has officially left the building. Stick a fork in me. Come on little baby. We’re all getting antsy over here. Sarah 07/25/08 21 08/02/08
Bigger than the whole wide world Me: Hey! I love you Jack! Jack: I yuv you too, Mama. Me [making my arms stretch out as far as I can]: I love you THIS MUCH! Jack: And I yuv you ... [thinking hard for the word]… PERFECT. Oh, Jack. Yes. Yes, you do. Sarah 07/24/08 2 07/25/08
The Waiting Place Have I mentioned that we are about to have a baby any day now? Maybe you intuited as much, as the sheer size of my belly probably eclipses the sun where you live, too. I’m feeling it this time around—aches and pains and oh-the-absolute-exhaustion-of-movement that is the final stretch of… Sarah 07/13/08 9 08/05/08
He Had His Cake and Ate It Too MAN, it is GOOD to be THREE!!! Sarah 06/09/08 9 06/19/08
It went down down down and the flames went higher The Bad News: Jack did not get in to the nursery school we were hoping to send him to next fall. This is a school that is, literally, right across the street from us. It is also a school that is, literally, thousands of dollars cheaper than what we are… Sarah 03/03/08 7 03/10/08
Rumblings I’ve been feeling pretty blissed out lately—a slow momentum building in the writing of my dissertation (like the swell of a wave, the dissertation ebbs and flows), and I should have something new to show for March; a new workout regiment and oh-dear-lord how I love to run when I’m… Sarah 02/20/08 3 02/26/08
Subway Series Sarah 02/18/08 2 02/19/08
And Then There Were Three Andy treds a bit lightly because he knows that I’m mourning a little bit the lack of girl in my womb and a bit overwhelmed by the fact that I’m to be a refugee in a house full of boys. But when he thinks I’m not looking, I watch him… Sarah 02/12/08 9 02/19/08
The Grand Inquisition This is the face that stares up at me with piercing eyes as he approaches every now and then to interrogate me on a subject that’s unreal to him as of yet, though he is able to sense its transformative power, the dim outline of its implications: “You dot a… Sarah 02/06/08 3 02/12/08
Snapshots of a Sun Day "IT’S MORNING TIME, NEW YORK CITY!” he yells from his room upon first waking. And then we hear, “Daddy! Sarah!"--[we seem to be on a first name basis now]--"I waaant....WAFFLES! No....PIZZA! No...CHOCO-YIT MILK!” “It’s MORNING TIME, DADDY!” He’s run into our room, climbed onto the bed, and squeezed his little… Sarah 02/03/08 2 02/14/08
The Very Beginning is a Very Good Place To Start I’d spent the greater part of a week or two hand-wringing and analyzing and over-analyzing. Luckily, I’ve got one of those husbands who isn’t afraid to sweetly suggest that I snap the hell out of it, and it didn’t take long before I had circled the wagons and was talking… Sarah 01/28/08 8 02/20/08
in medias res Sometimes it feels so overwhelming that I fear we will disappear in the winds of a gathering storm. And yet, we are still here, you and I, together, and our scruffy, red-headed boy sleeping in the other room and now another baby, a baby, and I feel for the first… Sarah 01/24/08 0
The Very Beginning is a Very Good Place To Start I spent a lot of time at the end of November being really pissed off. When you become a parent, you get told a whole lot to trust your own instincts. But you also get cautioned that your instincts are on par with Woody Allen’s and that you need to… Sarah 01/21/08 8 01/27/08
The Very Beginning is a Very Good Place To Start When Jack’s school teachers suggested in November that “something might be up” with him, we had a rather convoluted set of reactions. The first was, of course, to get defensive: obviously, the teachers who looked after him were incompetent assholes. Because he wasn’t fitting into some dull, cookie-cutter image of… Sarah 01/20/08 0
Holy Shanta! Happy Holidays Everyone!  Sarah 12/25/07 1 12/31/07
First Snow http://i12.tinypic.com/8c15vtl.jpg Today, we were greeted with snow upon waking. The first snow fall comes unnervingly at a time when the leaves are only just beginning to turn their colors. Oh Al Gore where are you now? we’ve lamented almost daily at the over-extended warm season, the 60-degree weather trend in… Sarah 11/19/07 5 11/30/07
A Long Overdue Post Is On Its Way… ...but for now, a brief glimpse of Halloween 2007: The Buzz Lightyear Event http://i21.tinypic.com/1ykch1.jpg http://i22.tinypic.com/15h1k5u.jpg Sarah 11/05/07 6 11/12/07
Why He’ll Probably Be a Trekkie The scene: Jack sits inside one of our empty laundry baskets. A second one slowly lowers down on top of him, ensconsing him within a convenient little hatch. A space ship, to be precise, about to blast out of the atmosphere with the help of his daddy, who provides the… Sarah 09/09/07 5 10/27/07
my boys How gorgeous are they? Sarah 08/29/07 6 08/31/07
solemnities It’s not long after I wrote my last post about the heat of summer and, already, the twinge of fall seems to be sneaking into the air. I can taste it. Can you, too, taste it where you are? Do you, like me, breathe in “fall” air differently from the… Sarah 08/21/07 4 08/24/07
summer skin Memories of summers spent in South Dakota as a child are indelibly stamped on my senses. I just shut my eyes to be transported back again: the smell of pool chlorine on my skin, salty tasting upper lip; heat, thick and simmery, prickling at my cheeks. There’s the local pool… Sarah 08/11/07 6 08/15/07
warm and fuzzy The month of August finds us in good stead thus far: in the last couple of weeks, we have traveled across the country and back with a two-year old and survived; we’ve drunk wine with old friends and discovered the world’s best cupcake (hidden away in a mini-mall in Seattle);… Sarah 08/08/07 2 08/09/07
First Love I had the privilege of spending this week with a new soul to this world, Josey Estelle. Josey’s mama has dark circles under her eyes; she wears over-sized shirts stained with baby spit-up and pee; she spends the greater part of her day between a nursing chair, propped up with… Sarah 07/20/07 1 07/21/07
This Is Just To Say I am alone in my apartment on a pleasant July afternoon. My boys are scavenging the streets outside in search of bugs to catch and pigeon flocks to scurry. I had declined the invitation to join them, knowing full well that I can take advantage of a silent apartment—a certain… Sarah 07/12/07 4 07/16/07
Other people’s children can be scary. Seriously. Take the sandbox, for instance, when it’s filled with little kids and their digger trucks. It’s a microcosmic war zone. Jack has learned to keep one eye in the back of his head for tiny predators who, at any moment, might acquire acute interest in his bulldozer. His senses… Sarah 07/07/07 5 07/10/07
Urban Oasis Sarah 06/20/07 4 06/24/07
love in a band-aid His teddy bears are covered in band-aids. They have been pushed over a tremendous precipice by a deceptive little hand, quick to give the fatal shove and just as quick to scoop up and cradle. He coos softly to his fallen prey, S’okay bear! S’okay. Band-aid, bear? Aaaaallll better. This… Sarah 06/18/07 2 12/07/07
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