February 20th, 2007

Why Our Kid Can Say “Kryptonite”

Being the connoisseur of all things children literature that I’ve become, I’ve noticed a tragic lack of inspired alphabet books among the hordes of them that saturate the market. And, given that Jack’s current tastes drive him ever so toward this particular publishing niche at this time, the lack is blaringly visible to the tuned in parental eye.

Let me elaborate: upon opening any of the dozens of alphabet books you come across in a bookstore, you can pretty much be sure that “A” is going to be illustrated with either an “Apple” or an “Alligator” (“A-yi-grrr!” says Jack). This is all great and predictable, but the child has got it all down, people. He knows “Bear” and “Doll” and “Rhino” and even “Xylophone” (“Zee-o-Fun!”). Lately, we open a book, and he starts tapping his wristwatch while he yawns and rolls his eyes.

“Is this the best you can do?” he asks of the children’s publishing world. “Yes,” that mammoth of an industry pipes back, “Yes it is. Because there are no other words out there in the world that start with ‘C.’ Stop asking questions.”

Well, Jack, my boy, you happen to be in luck. Because you happen to have parents who both have huge problems with procrastination. And what better way to avoid doing our work or cleaning the house than coming up with an alphabet book for you that inspires your budding little mind, and helps mold it into the rockstar we are training you to become, and also teaches you words we want you to have in your vocabulary at an early age. Because a toddler who says “tattoo” like you do is just really freaking cool.

A sneak preview, then, at our alterna-alphabet book in progress: “Jack’s Alphabet Underworld”:

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