September 9th, 2007

Why He’ll Probably Be a Trekkie

The scene:

Jack sits inside one of our empty laundry baskets. A second one slowly lowers down on top of him, ensconsing him within a convenient little hatch. A space ship, to be precise, about to blast out of the atmosphere with the help of his daddy, who provides the sound effects and the power behind space travel. Jack’s fingers grip the sides of the basket, his little brow furrowed in stern concentration. The countdown begins…

Andy: Space Ranger, prepare for lift-off! Counting down 3…2…1…

[the spacecraft shakes violently]


[the vessel shoots off the floor and over Andy’s head]

Enter the coordinates into the space reader!

[Jack pushes around on the side of the laundry basket…beepbeepbeep!]

Destination: Planet Saturn! Hold on Space Man. This will be a bumpy ride!

[the vessel flies over the table top, sweeps low to the floor and clears a sharp corner, squeals of laughter erupt from inside as it stalls briefly in front of a mirror]

Jack [breezing over the top of my head]: Hi Mama!

Andy: Oh No! Black Hole ahead! The gravitational pull is… too… much. Quick! Enter the anti-black hole code.

Jack: beepbeepbeep

Andy: Ahhhrgh! Too Late!

[space vessel whizzes into dark bathroom; door slams shut behind it]

[Silence and then the craft blasts back into the room]

Control to Planet XRT7-5BC… Space cruiser detecting alien life form [beep beep beep]

New Development…Space Captain becoming very hungry for Space Grapes… Send reinforcements…STAT…

Alert! Alert! Space Hatch Opening! [wheeeee!crunch!]

[The space ranger steps out from his craft a little wobbly but beyond exhilarated. The space daddy’s arms are about to fall off. The space mama is utterly entertained.]


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