May 26th, 2005


I’m not sure who is going to burst first. Sarah or me. I am so excited that it is starting to affect the condition of my keyboard. I’ve started going to Sarah’s weekly checkups so the Dr. knows who I am. I do not want the Dr. to call security when she sees this hysterical mess of a man maniacally rubbing Sarah’s arm trying VERY hard to do the breathing that we have been practicing. After the appointment, (which went very well, but alas, no new developments. we could be in for a very long wait, people...) Sarah took me out for a really romantic lunch at a quaint Italian place with a wood burning oven. Unless, of course, my boss happens to be reading this, then, er, the doctor’s appointment took longer than I originally thought. I love being with Sarah in public places. Everyone treats her like a princess. Coats are taken, chairs are adjusted, loving glances are directed—she truly is the belle of the ball.  As much as I am excited about our new arrival, I have really been cherishing these last days of being a duo. So, if you need more down time, Jack, that’s okay. We are ready when you are.

Posted by: Andy on May 26th, 2005
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