February 11th, 2007

Two Pies

Today, Jack had his first “play date,” the term that parents du jour use when they arrange for their child to tear through another child’s toys with reckless abandon. I myself dislike the word because it’s too closely related (etymologically) to “lunch date” or “dinner date”, which I associate with a kind of high-powered corporate world in which leisurely activity is defined and marked by the ticking of a clock, and where conversation and relationship building need to be scheduled or they just simply don’t have time to happen. And sure, the planning of the coming together is a necessary step, but it’s much less a “date” than it is a HOLY SHIT! NEW TOYS!  and a WHAT THE …? THAT KID’S GOT MY BABY DOLL! And the “play” too, at this age, mostly involves “No! That’s mine!” and “Oh, this old thing that I haven’t looked at in months? You want it? Unfortunately for you, it’s mine!”

Jack was actually really excited when his friend came to the door. He marched around our apartment showing him all his stuff. But it quickly turned into hoarding all of his stuff from Friend as Friend began taking undo interest in said stuff. Jack isn’t quite there yet with all the sharing and taking turns.

All was not lost, however, because Jack took great delight in counting the multiple sets of parents in the room. “Two Mamas!” he squeals, pointing at myself and my mama friend. “Two Dadas!” And then, in perfect Jack fashion, he would sing out “Two Pies!” and promptly collapse onto the floor.

Because, you see, he’s obsessed with imitating this vintage Sesame Street skit we showed him once, in which a baker (played by Frank Oz?) stands at the top of a set of stairs with a pie in each hand. He sings out, “Two chocolate cream pies!” and trips as he descends the steps, landing squarely in his pies. Jack reenacts this scene constantly throughout any given day, and indulges in any opportunity to call it forth.

Explaining this to our friends, while Jack is laying face down on the floor in his imaginary pie? Oddly enough, an immensely proud moment.


Posted by: Sarah on February 11th, 2007
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