July 12th, 2007

This Is Just To Say


I am alone in my apartment on a pleasant July afternoon.

My boys are scavenging the streets outside in search of bugs to catch and pigeon flocks to scurry.

I had declined the invitation to join them, knowing full well that I can take advantage of a silent apartment—a certain luxury these full-swing days.

The air conditioner hums softly; always the low din of traffic on the streets below. Above that, lazy languid silence.

Absent-mindedly, I pick up the plum that I had just photographed a moment before. Bite into it. Hear the sound of the world crinkle to a halt about my ears. Mouth Shock.

Plum juice oozing down my chin. It lingers on my tongue and I carefully swallow, barely believing its perfection. Another bite and I am love-struck. Finger-licking, uninhibited, delicate tang and oh so very sweet gluttony. Guilt-ridden pleasure: I look behind my shoulder before I reach out and sneak another one from the plate.

The plums in the photo? Gone.

Pure bliss.

Posted by: Sarah on July 12th, 2007
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