June 25th, 2006

The good life

It’s too easy to get caught up in everything going on. Putting up a simple post can become a monolithic challenge when you put it off for so long. I work in front of a computer 9+ hours a day, and Sarah has a pile (literally) of books that MUST be read, and though Jack loves to sit in front of a computer, it mostly means pounding the keyboard until the whole thing freezes up and then crashes (chip off the ol’ block) So, in the late evenings I pull up a chair, dust off the website, stare at the un-sized, raw 1,485 pictures that have been taken and unconverted since April 7th, wimper, then creep off to bed.

Excuses abound, but perhaps the only legitimate one is that we are REALLY wrapped up in our little guy. Some highlights of the past 2 months:

Walking! Jack started taking tentative first steps around 11 months old, and by 12 months, he was wobbling around pretty regularly. He’s only now steady at it, though he still belly flops the earth pretty hard once or twice a day.

He can identify and makes animal sounds (mmmm! (for moo); wuff!; and ssss! (for snake) to name a few). His vocabulary is ever-expanding: For starters, he says “mama” and “dada” and “bobo!” (the name of the monkey in one of his fave books).

Now when he walks over to the light socket and attempts to lick it, he’ll stop to look at us first and shake his head “no” with a devious little smile on his face.

After he guzzles down a sippy cup of water, we’ve taught him how to smack his lips and say “AHHHHH! So refreshing!” Okay, he doesn’t do the “so refreshing” part yet, but the lip smack and “Ahhhh!” when he’s done swigging his water is adorable.

He gives hugs. Big, full body, grasping little fingers hugs. There is nothing more perfect in the world.

He had his first birthday party at the beginning of the month. Grandma Klock and Aunt Emily came into town, along with our dear friends, Grant and Amy. We went to Central Park and had a lovely picnic. Jack ate his first cupcake and loved it. He rode the carousel. He got a red balloon. He tried with all his might not to touch the grass. Keeping him on the picnic blanket was not a difficult task!

From now on, we are going to try to post more regularly. We’ve been letting the pressure of sitting down to write something that encapsulates what’s been going on delay the posting.

Someone finally said to us, “all we really want are pictures of Jack”.


Then here you go.







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