May 19th, 2007

Seven Gables and All That


What we really want is something worn and comfortable. A creaky wrap-around porch. Chipped paint. Large wood slates on the floors. Original door frames. Ornate heat grates. A big climbing tree out front—weeping willow to be precise, if I’m allowed to dream this big—with a secret, winding path that leads from the front gate down to its old trunk. A fireplace. Is it too much to wish for a fireplace?

We are not going to find that place here, and we’ve resigned ourselves to the idea that the sacrifice (the Dream House) can be worth the gain (the Dream City). And so instead, we’ll settle for a small apartment in a quaint neighborhood. No porch, but if we’re lucky, a nice view. No fireplace, but if we’re lucky, no fires. One thing I’m holding out for, though, is that feeling of This is it! I want to walk into a place and just know, you know?

The apartment hunt is a lot like blind dating, I think. You either recognize that a place is going to work for you right away and envision all your furniture sleeping over there, or you find yourself faking a headache and leaving early to make it to the next open house on time. I’m a romantic. I believe in love at first sight. But what do you do when you live in a place where Lowered Living-Quarter Expectations is the name of the game?

Is the sacrifice worth the gain?

Posted by: Sarah on May 19th, 2007
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