February 18th, 2007

Scrotum. Scrotum. Scrotum. Oh? Did I just say Scrotum?

The winner of this year’s prestigious Newbery Medal for children’s literature, The Higher Power of Lucky, is being banned across the country because it uses the term, scrotum, to describe the part of the dog’s anatomy that was bitten by a snake, as the story goes.

Wow. I’m so glad I’m going to be sending my child through the public school system someday. Because where else can I be sure that he will be protected from the word “scrotum” if not there? “Ball bag,” “bean bag,” “nut sack,” “nad sack,” “bawbag,” “scrot”—now THESE are the terms that we’ll be teaching our child and god forbid if the school librarian tries to go all balls-to-the-wall by exposing him to the actual anatomical word.

I’m so glad our children’s best interests are at heart here.

Posted by: Sarah on February 18th, 2007
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