February 20th, 2008


I’ve been feeling pretty blissed out lately—a slow momentum building in the writing of my dissertation (like the swell of a wave, the dissertation ebbs and flows), and I should have something new to show for March; a new workout regiment and oh-dear-lord how I love to run when I’m actually doing it; some major sensory therapy goings-on that have us all in a tantric-oriented-way these days; and, most intensely for me anyway, the first rumblings of Boy the Second, judo kicking and karate chopping like Bruce Lee.

I’m also feeling more exposed lately. So blatantly with child in a way that I was able to cover up until late into my pregnancy with Jack. My body, an old pro now, remembers what to do, knows where to fill out and settle, my belly expanding at a phenomenal speed. Not that I want to cover up this pregnancy—I admit I like the rites of passage of being pregnant: the smiles and unusual courtesy of strangers, the belly patting, the unsolicited advice—but that window of time when the secret of him growing inside of me was his and mine feels cut short this time around—now I smile to myself on the subway platform and look up to find others smiling back, knowingly.


Posted by: Sarah on February 20th, 2008
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