March 6th, 2005


Andy and I met Amy and Grant in Boston about three years ago. We were moving out of our pad on Commonwealth Ave., and I got a phone call from Grant who was interested in checking out the apartment. When they showed up at the place a couple of days later, I knew I had to make them insta-friends. So I bravely invited them (complete strangers at the time who were only looking for a place to live) to dinner with Andy and I that night. To seal the deal, I offered, “You’ll like us! We’re fun!” I might as well have added, “I’ll pay you! PLEASE BE OUR FRIENDS!” It may sound quite desperate on my part, but if you met Grant and Amy, you’d understand the urgency. Anyway, they miraculously agreed to go out with us, and our friend-crush on them has just grown and grown.

So Amy was performing with a band in Cambridge this weekend, and Andy and I decided to take a quick trip up north to hear her sing. It was a great time. Amy was fantastic and so natural onstage. We’re officially groupies. We’ve got more photos from the trip in our photo gallery. Again, the “slide show” option is highly recommended.

Posted by: Sarah on March 6th, 2005
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