August 21st, 2006

Rock beats scissors

Yesterday morning Jack woke up again at an ungodly hour. We gave him a drink and brought him into bed with us. After an hour or so he woke up again. Still very early, but within our “acceptable” range of wake-up times. So we did the logical thing to determine who would be getting up with Jack. Rock-paper-scissors. During the “three out of five” round (Sarah dictates how many rounds...) Jack joined in with a small rock. 1-2-3 rock. 1-2-3 rock. Really cute.

This morning, Jack woke up again at ohgodthirty so Sarah went down and brought him into bed with us. After humming a few choruses of The Sound of Music’s “My Favorite Things”, Jack was back asleep. An hour later, I awoke to a pounding on my pillow. When my eyes focused I saw a big smile and a little fist beating the mattress. 1-2-3 rock.

Time to get up.

Posted by: Andy on August 21st, 2006
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