May 6th, 2005

Oh, the humanity

On the same vein of zeppelin tattoos and anniversaries, today marks the anniversary of the Hindenburg explosion. This ship was someone’s great idea for trans-Atlantic air travel. I don’t know about you, but 7,062,000 cubic feet of hydrogen above my head makes my spidey senses tingle. So, a year ago today in 1937 after hovering around Manhattan, the Hindenburg went down in Lakehurst, NJ.

Another interesting fact-- the mast of the Empire State building was designed for docking dirigibles. However, after two failed attempts it was decided that blimp docking was not a good idea. What do you suppose it is about a 1250 ft spike and a blimp that doesn’t sound like a “good idea”?


Posted by: Andy on May 6th, 2005
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