July 16th, 2008

My Thoughts on Twitter

When Jack was busy being born we used a simple network approach. Namely, using our mothers to spread the news on any baby progress.  When there was something new to report, we’d call them and it would be spread around.  That is so 2005.  These days everybody uses Twitter.  Even my mom.  So look to the right sidebar and you’ll be able to see what’s going on on a minute by minute basis.  For a full report click the “TWITTER UPDATES” link.  What could be simpler?

I remember with Jack it was difficult to find time to make a call between all the contractions, ice chips, and back rubs I made Sarah give me.  Now I can easily make updates via my cell phone.  Granted in some circles it is considered rude to text message while your son is crowning, but not here in the US of A.  Here that kind of behavior is encouraged.

However, Twitter is accessible to everyone in the world and there is no way to regulate who is “following” you.  So, in keeping up with the privacy concerns that we have on letting our lives get leaked out on the interweb we’re going to have to use “code names”.  I mentioned this to Sarah last night and she wants to be referred to as “The Italian Stallion”.  I did tell her that a “stallion” is a male horse, but Sarah doesn’t care.  I guess then it would be appropriate for me to be now called “Apollo Creed”, and Jack is now “Mickey”.  The baby when he makes his debut can then be Paulie...er.  Maybe we’ll have to work on the code names some more.

Posted by: Andy on July 16th, 2008
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