June 7th, 2005

My son was born today

Jack is beautiful. After a lot of inducing drugs and lots of pushes from Sarah, Jack made his debut at 6:48 pm weighing in at 7lbs 15oz. He has Torretta eyes and what looks to be a Torretta/Klock hybrid nose. And you all will be surprized to hear that he has a full head of red hair. *gasp* People have been asking me how long he is. I have no idea. They might have told me but once I got him in my arms I stopped hearing everything. Sarah and Jack are both doing well. Sarah is a little on the sore side and Jack is learning all of those things babies have to learn when they enter this bright, shiny, kissy world. If we didn’t get a chance to call you it’s because it has been crazy. We will get some more calls going out tomorrow. We didn’t get to have a private room so I was bannished back up to the upper west side tonight. I’m going to try to sneak back into the room first thing tomorrow morning. I was going to get some pics up but since I am way tired I forgot the camera. Thank you all for the kind wishes and prayers. Talk to you soon!

Ps. In the theme of what Sarah wanted to do with this web blog—I’ve got an electronic voice mail box. If anyone cares to give Jack his first voice mails (he’s so hip already) you can leave them here: 206-666-ARTS (206-666-2787)

Posted by: Andy on June 7th, 2005
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