March 11th, 2007

From the Trenches

Our longed-for Spring Break reverie (the one where Andy and I were to drop the Bean off with his grandparents and spend a romantic weekend on the beach, in the sun, sleeping in, etc) has been co-opted by the flu. First Jack, now Andy. Our first night here in Florida was spent up all night comforting our sweet, vomiting J.

Cue Andy, laying in bed, staring at the ceiling after the 19th (no exaggeration) puke session:

“If I puked on myself, I would immediately jump in the shower. If someone else puked on me, I would puke on myself and then immediately jump in the shower. But if Jack pukes on me? I just let it dry and go back to sleep. ... It’s kind of cute.”

Andy is the kind of guy who can make a ruined vacation all okay. 

Posted by: Sarah on March 11th, 2007
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