November 19th, 2007

First Snow


Today, we were greeted with snow upon waking. The first snow fall comes unnervingly at a time when the leaves are only just beginning to turn their colors. Oh Al Gore where are you now? we’ve lamented almost daily at the over-extended warm season, the 60-degree weather trend in mid-November. Casual passing comments to strangers, “Beautiful day, isn’t it?” and “Can you believe what beautiful weather we are having?” are increasingly accompanied by nervous chuckles and knowing glances between people, a pervading sense that it’s just not right for this time of year.

Admittedly, it has been lovely, the consistently warm climate, but it’s also the Northeast, and the snow is a welcome sight today. Jack blew from window to window to press his face against the cool glass and shout about the “blizzard!” He marched off to school this morning, donned in his new blue snow boots. I’m guessing it will be quite a hassle getting him to take them off once he is there.

We’ve done very little updating on this site in the past few months, as the business of school and daycare come to trump the less mundane, creative outlets of our lives, like writing and photo-taking. Both have been happening, though the writing is dissertation-writing and the photo-taking is a backlog of pictures waiting to be uploaded. But we’ve been good. We are doing our thing. We are happy and looking forward to the winter season. With lots and lots of snow.

Much love, Sarah and Andy and Jack


Posted by: Sarah on November 19th, 2007
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