February 9th, 2005

First shots

As many of you know, we purchased a digital camera. What you don’t know is that the sales guy sold us with the fact that not only would it take great pictures, but that it would also lenghten our life expectancies by 10 years and increase our IQ’s, and of course, all the chicks would dig us. It is THAT kind of camera. And it is surely living up to its reputation. The problem? We’re afraid we may not be worthy.

Andy’s grandfather has always said that there are two valuable life lessons that can only be learned the hard way: 1) through purchasing your first set of encyclopedias and 2) by financing your first car. We would like to append a third: the purchase of a digital camera that comes with an 800-page instruction manual. Folks, we just might be in over our heads.

Regardless, here, for your viewing pleasure, are the first two photos taken with our new life lesson. These were shot out of our living room window at 112th.



Posted by: Sarah on February 9th, 2005
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