January 30th, 2005


The nesting instinct has kicked in, which for me has meant the obsessive urge to document our lives (I’m hoping the urge to clean the kitchen will manifest shortly). I’m overwhelmed with feelings of the fleetingness of things at times. So we’ve broken out the video camera, bought a new digital camera, and I’m starting this here blog. I’m not a scrapbooking type of person, never have been. I suck at keeping a journal. Decades of my photos are stored in their Kodak paper sleeves in a chest in my office. This will be my concerted attempt at slowing time down a little, at “memory making” if you will.

Mostly, I want to do this for our son. I want him to read this someday and know how much we anticipated his arrival. I want him to know who his crazy parents were before he came around, what we looked like, what we were into, what stupid reality t.v. shows we watched, how his dad talked to the video camera like it was a person out of the sheer uncomfortableness of being videotaped, how his mom is a master of the art of procrastination.  So, this will be a chronicle of our lives and his beginnings. I want to do it in a way that will make the kid smile and laugh one day when he reads it.

Jack, this is for you. Here are the unfoldings of your life, captured in writing and pictures. One day, when you’re fourteen and think we are the biggest geeks in the entire world, maybe you’ll read this and realize that we are the biggest geeks in the entire world. 

Andy, this if for you. I want everyone who reads this to know how in love I am with you, how I will always love you, how wonderful a husband you are to me, how good and true and kind a person you are. If our son is anything like you, the world will be a brighter place for it. Thank you for choosing me.

To commemorate the occasion, a picture of my burgeoning belly…

23 weeks

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