June 7th, 2007

birth story

I ask him if he wants to hear the story of his birth. Story, he nods his head affirmatively, waiting for the “once upon a time” that we begin with. Once upon a time, I say, Jack was a baby inside mama’s tummy. Immediately, he curls his head into the crook of my neck, a half cuddle, half hide-away, as though the words move in him some ancient whisper, some secret memory of warmth and water and blood rhythm.

He waits for his favorite part, the part where his daddy comes in. Jack was just a little baby when he came out of mama’s tummy, I tell him. He was crying and kind of mad. (I fudge the more accurate version here, wherein he was actually pissed as all hell and about to crush us all with sheer strength of his will). So, anyway, there he was (poof!) in the world, and not at all too pleased about it. And his daddy says, shhhh, baby, hi baby, it’s your daddy, baby. And Jack’s eyes get wide--then, and now in the retelling--and he grows quiet and soft, and he just...listens.

I tell him that that day was his very first birthday. He works his hands to hold up two fingers, really more like one and a half, the middle one posed in a semi flip-off but we don’t mind (yet): Two yeah owd! he squeals proudly.




Posted by: Sarah on June 7th, 2007
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