June 13th, 2007

an open letter: in gratitude

dear debra,

how to say thank you in a way that adequately expresses how much you mean to my family? I’m not sure how to begin. To Jack, you are a warm, energetic nurturerer, with whom he feels safe and loved. To Andy, you do the most important job fathomable--more important than anything else--and for that he is deeply grateful for the skill you bring every week to work that isn’t easy. To me, you are a soul friend. I had no idea when we first met that you’d become such an important part of my life, but here you are. One thing I love about being “grown up” is that we get to carefully craft our circle of family. You are certainly a part of ours--a sister to me, another mama to Jack, a protector of our most important thing to Andy. How do I say thank you for that? I don’t know. Just...I love you.


Posted by: Sarah on June 13th, 2007
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