June 15th, 2005

A Week in Review

Dear Jack,

You exploded into our lives this week. When you were put on my chest for the first time after you were born, I couldn’t believe how familiar you felt to me, this little soul who picked me to be his mom.  But you were such an enigma as well.  Not only do you poop with more force than an NYFD fire hose, but you also are soothed by, of all things, the noise of a hair dryer when we hold it next to your head (seriously). 

You are one week old, and we can already see you growing. I love rocking you in the (very) early morning and watching you awaken. Your mouth forms into this perfect little circle as you take in your surroundings. You look like you are in awe of everything around you. They say you can’t see all that well yet, but your eyes will momentary lock on my face and I know that you know who I am.

We brought you home from the hospital in a cab. Very NYC. Your first day at home with us was quite scary for me. You would cry and I would panic because I didn’t know how to comfort you yet. Your father, however, is my hero. He takes you in his arms and magically whispers you calm every time.

Highlights from your first week:

Waking up on your second day of life to a high-pitched squeal emanating not from you, but from your father. My eyes shot open to see your dad holding a diaper in one hand and shielding his face from the spray that was covering everything in sight, particularly your own face. We learned an important lesson that day about penises and fresh air, and we’ve continued to learn it about two or three times since.

Giving you a bath is not the joyous occasion every Johnson and Johnson commercial makes it out to be. You scream, pee all over yourself, and poop in the bath water, convincing us that we have traumatized you for the rest of your life.

And was I just in denial about how much you would (or, rather, would not) sleep? The stories about babies and lack of sleep are widespread, but you never really think it will happen to you, you know? Sleep. Gone. Utterly gone. Same with breastfeeding...Are you kidding me??? Hell hath no fury like a bad latch.

You met your Grandpa and Grandma Torretta this week. My dad calls you his little buddy and loves to rock you and tell you stories in the quiet of the morning. Your grandma showed me how to love you up right. She arrived, waltzed into your room, and turned you from a shrieking windigo into a calm little angel in a matter of seconds. You meet your Grandma Klock tomorrow. She has been waiting for you and loving you for so long now, and she can’t wait to get you in her arms. Everyone is so in love with you already.

In short, you are the most beautiful baby we have ever seen. You are so sweet and so amazing. Your father and I are absolutely shattered.

Love, Mom



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