June 1st, 2005

40 Weeks 1 day and Counting

For those of you who are refreshing this page every five minutes in hopes of an update. Sorry. We are still in stand by mode. Sarah thinks this is a direct reflection of Jack’s father’s tardiness. Granted, I pride myself with the nack of being “fashionably” late, however, I am rarely a whole day late. Unless you are expecting a birthday card or something. Then usually I could be several weeks late—to the point where I am so racked with guilt that I may avoid calling you altogether until the month has past. We took some more 40 week belly shots which really show how round Sarah’s tummy is. I sure am going to miss the funny shapes the little kicker can make when he feels like it. But, I can not wait to see and kiss the actual foot that can produce such amazing force that Sarah has to sit down.  Jack most likely will make David Beckham look like a sissy. Stand by for news, but we may be in for a long wait. I think Jack knows that after he is born he’s going to be cut off of his Haagen Dazs supply.

Posted by: Andy on June 1st, 2005
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